Shop the Alameda Flea with Me — Oct 2013 part three

My perpetual shopping list: dual-purpose (storage + decorative), owls, linens, equestrian ribbons, charm bracelets, monogrammed anything, and BAGS! What I am drawn to: bright colors, clever repurposing, white wicker, holiday, letterpress and signage, things that are specific/special to the region That equals my collected cottage style! Southern + Pacific

All Dogs Go to Heaven

I drafted this post three months ago, when I was home in Nashville, preparing to do a terrible thing.  Only now has the grief subsided enough to post it. I’ve felt all of the stages of grief over and over again since July. Now, perhaps, I’m reaching stage five, acceptance. But mostly I have lingered … Continue reading

Home Depot discoveries

I went to Home Depot last weekend to purchase succulent soil (I think I killed my previous succulents with regular old potting soil!) and found some fun things. I resisted buying them by just taking a picture:   It was a successful trip, and I’ll be sure to think of the HD as a source … Continue reading

Bonne marriage!

My best friend’s little sister got engaged, and I love to plan parties! So I talked Caitlin into hosting a shower for Ellen, over the Christmas Break when we would both be visiting our families in Nashville. Ellen chose a French theme for her shower; she’s a foreign language teacher, and lived in Europe to … Continue reading

Treasure Island Flea’s Food Trucks

It was a beautiful weekend for the Treasure Island Flea Market, and the food trucks seemed to have doubled in the summer. I was struck by their catchy names and graphic logos. Check these out:             The organizers of the Treasure Island Flea frequently offer a pre-paid ticket that includes … Continue reading

Alameda Vintage Flea 1-6-13 report

Last Sunday was the first Alameda Vintage Flea Market of 2013. I had very little budget ($20 max) so I waited to enter until 2 p.m. (when it’s free admission) and vowed to take more pictures than make purchases. Here are some of the many pretty things that caught my eye: