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Bonne marriage!

My best friend’s little sister got engaged, and I love to plan parties! So I talked Caitlin into hosting a shower for Ellen, over the Christmas Break when we would both be visiting our families in Nashville. Ellen chose a French theme for her shower; she’s a foreign language teacher, and lived in Europe to … Continue reading

Spotted: Big Daddy in Pottery Barn

A thoughtful co-worker brought me a Fall Pottery Barn catalog, knowing I would love the owl on the cover, and other feathered friends featured inside. But what really caught my eye was the $149 “Layered Wood Panel” pieced by hand with visible nail heads:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules I had seen this first at the Alameda Vintage Flea … Continue reading

Just Jeeps

I have an old car. It’s a 1996 Jeep Cherokee with 210,000+ miles and it sounds as bad as it looks. I have a broken headlight, dents on the driver’s side, a rusting scratch on the passenger side, and a rattling muffler to boot. It is my old faithful, bought new for me before my … Continue reading

Murals and the Big Move

More mural love for San Francisco… this photo was taken on Day Three of my life as a Bay Area resident, in September 2010. I’m on the right. This is a Works Progress Administration project, inside Coit Tower, erected in 1933. I love the subject matter: California farmers with the bounty of their harvest, ORANGES! … Continue reading

Mural, mural on the wall (mosaics, too)

I have always loved murals and public art. I credit my parents for introducing me to the pure joy of bright colors and folk/untrained artist technique. Don’t you love the way this mural catches the eye, a surprise to delight us, details tucked in everywhere you look. It’s a feast for our senses among the brick, cement and asphalt of the … Continue reading