Missing the Alameda Vintage Flea

Although I’ve been back in the SF Bay every other week this month, I haven’t been able to time it with the Alameda Vintage Flea Market. That’s by far the thing I miss most on the West Coast (although my wallet seems better for the distance!)

I just got two pieces of email that tugged on my flea market craving. First, this Sunday’s Alameda Flea is already postponed to the next Sunday, March 13… I guess it’s already raining, and the forecasters predict bad weather all weekend long, so the market has made the call and pushed back the date.

Wouldn’t you know, I’ll actually be in Northern CA on March 13 but … I am booked for work about 200 miles away that day. I won’t make it to the Flea Market. I am crying on the inside. Bitter disappointment.

To ease the withdrawal pains, I thoroughly devoured the pictures in this blog post from Heath Ceramics: http://heathceramics.tumblr.com/post/139553396185/tungs-tips-tricks-for-the-flea-market

Isn’t the Finnish glass piece amazing?! I have a thing for Finland anyway. It’s my paternal grandfather’s country.

I appreciate the Instagram recommendations in this blog too. I’m signing off to follow them now, and putting Farnsworth in SF on my must-see list.


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