L.A. I Always Thought You Were Cool

oct 14 phone pic dump 1566

(Seen on a street beside Fairfax High School on L.A.)

Los Angeles is a sprawling mega-city I’ve had the privilege of getting to know in the last four years. I certainly don’t have the city conquered, but I’m not afraid to drive the freeways, and I’ve developed a sense of my favorite spots.

If I find myself in L.A. County on any given Sunday, then the Melrose Trading Post is a must-stop. This weekly outdoor flea market has an eclectic mix of vintage and repurposed, artsy, funky, plain ole weird and wonderful.

oct 14 phone pic dump 1564

The Melrose Trading Post is in the courtyard of Fairfax High, and I appreciate the easy parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood, the cheap burritos and ample picnic tables, and the flush toilets!

But even without these creature comforts, the Melrose Trading Post would be a must because of the treasures I consistently find there:

oct 14 phone pic dump 1563   Healthy succulents for a buck ?!? I’ve filled my backpack with them and carefully carried them home to Nashville, only to have them shrivel in the lack of sunlight.

oct 14 phone pic dump 1565 gorgeous (and cheaply priced) rugs I wish I could carry home!

oct 14 phone pic dump 1562 awesome DIY ideas of lifting trunks on legs to become better coffee tables.

oct 14 phone pic dump 1561 oct 14 phone pic dump 1560 this primitive watermelon would look more at home in South, I think. Wish I could take it with me!

oct 14 phone pic dump 1559 oct 14 phone pic dump 1558

I never know what I’ll see at the Melrose Trading Post, and that’s the fun! I love the treasure hunt.




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