Treasure Island Flea’s Food Trucks

It was a beautiful weekend for the Treasure Island Flea Market, and the food trucks seemed to have doubled in the summer. I was struck by their catchy names and graphic logos. Check these out:

Adam's Grub Truck  The Rib Whip  Woo  Naked  Cluck It Up  green


The organizers of the Treasure Island Flea frequently offer a pre-paid ticket that includes vouchers for the food trucks and wine tastings. It’s a great value, but I don’t like the limitations on what to order. Typically each food truck specifies one dish that can be purchased with the coupon voucher, and it’s not always their best dish.

I like to have the freedom to choose what I’ll have for lunch. I’m not very adventurous in cuisine, so I return to the Sam’s Chowder Truck (from Half Moon Bay) for either their world-famous clam chowder or a Maine lobster roll. Both are delicious!

Sam's  The lobster roll comes in two sizes. The half is $11 and the full is $14, and has two more ounces of lobster meat. I opted for the full and then regretted it– too much of a good thing can sometimes be too much! All that great protein left me no room for ice cream or other sweet treats from the other trucks on site.

garde cream  jewish  roof windows The roof windows are so smart!


Looks like red is a dominant color for food trucks, huh?

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