I Heart Drive In Movie Theaters

I love drive in movie theaters, what about you? They’re a dying breed. I recently read that there are approximately 500 left around the country. http://www.driveintheater.com/drivlist.htm

My first and favorite:

I contribute annually to a community-run drive-in theater outside my college town of Lexington, Virginia. Hull’s Angels is the non-profit membership organization that operates Hull’s Drive-In http://www.hullsdrivein.com/  I have many happy memories of sitting on top of the roof, or out of the tailgate of my Jeep Cherokee, watching flicks at Hull’s during Spring Term, and in the summers when I worked at W&L.

The Nashville area is lucky to have the Stardust Drive-In in Watertown (Wilson County) http://www.stardustdrivein.com/  I tried to plan a family camp-out at the drive-in for the Girl Scouts in the county. It would have been so fun to not only park your car but also pop up a tent and watch movies till the sun comes up. Unfortunately, it rained on our date, and that puts a damper on things, doesn’t it?

While consulting at the Dayton office of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, I happened to drive by the Dixie Drive-In’s gorgeous neon sign. I’d like to come back here! http://www.dixietwin.com/

Speaking of neon signs and the movies…

The beautiful marquee signs above movie theaters are one of the things I appreciate most in California. The Tinsel Town appreciation of Hollywood permeates the state. Lots of communities have reinvested in their local theater to make it a hub of cultural life, like the Alameda theater in the town where I live.

Check out the California theater in Berkeley, an art-deco treat. I adore the font and the bold blue and yellow (like UC-Berkeley’s colors):


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