Spotted: Big Daddy in Pottery Barn

A thoughtful co-worker brought me a Fall Pottery Barn catalog, knowing I would love the owl on the cover, and other feathered friends featured inside.

But what really caught my eye was the $149 “Layered Wood Panel” pieced by hand with visible nail heads:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

I had seen this first at the Alameda Vintage Flea Market in June, and then at Big Daddy’s showroom in San Francisco ( . The Pottery Barn one seems to have thinner strips of wood, but I think they could come from the same source, don’t you?

 This piecework style is so appealing, it reminds me of crazy quilts and faded whitewashed bricks. I love the imperfection, and the vivid colors.

I think the price is a little steep, though… wonder if I could make my own?

I’m inspired by all the Pinterest ideas to tear apart and repurpose old pallets.

And check out this amazing wall made from scrap wood, including pallets, done by a former colleague in her condo.

I should tell you that she’s a graphic designer, and very creative– not just your average do-it-yourself-er.

She said the whole project cost her $4.75, just for the epoxy.

And then she bought a bed in a similar style, made of “reclaimed pine pallets” from West Elm:

Very cool…

I’m driving around with a pallet in the back of my jeep. Maybe I’ll try making my own wood panel? What have I got to lose? The pallet was free!

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