Country Living Fair, Columbus Ohio

I missed the Goat Hill Fair last weekend, and boy did it look promising! See their blog and cute pictures here:

But I had a good excuse! I was able to combine business with pleasure, and take a red eye flight into Columbus Ohio just in time to catch the final day of the Country Living Fair before leading training for the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland.

I have followed the CL Fair through the magazine’s coverage for several years. Atlanta, Columbus and Austin are the lucky host cities (but wouldn’t Nashville or San Fran area be fab sites too?)

The Ohio Historical Village is such a charming location for this market. And with pumpkins and haybales strategically placed, it felt like fall.

I really had to shop small, as everything I purchased had to fit in my one checked bag back to California. If I had wings, I would have bought some of these bigger items:




 There’s always that item that I like, I want, I resist… and if I keep thinking about it, I go back and snatch it up. That’s how I felt about this owl wreath, made by Bloomsbury Loft Bohemian Market, from a repurposed afghan. This is my favorite purchase from the CL Fair.

But the absolute highlight was when I needed to take a break from shopping and I headed into a tent to hear “Behind the Scenes at Country Living.” I always sit near the front, because no one else seems to want to, and it makes the presenters feel more at ease.

Little did I know that the presenters of this session included Editor in Chief Sarah Gray Miller, a Natchez MS native. She’s the one in this pic wearing  a scarf and boots!

Turns out we have one or two Natchez friends in common, so it was a real treat to connect personally and get an autograph.

I learned that the CL staff work about six weeks ahead of deadline, they had just sent their November issue to print before coming to Columbus.

There are also only about 22 of them contributing and shaping the magazine, not including the advertising staff. They work lean and mean in the Big Apple, creative under pressure!

They also made a pitch for folks to send in pics for their most creative pumpkin decorating contest. They’re always looking for fresh takes on tradition, the most inventive way to decorate easter eggs and such. I’ve got my thinking cap on!

More photos and details to share about the CL Fair, including a post about the glamping re-done campers on display. Stay tuned for more SouthernPacificStyle!

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