Treasure Island Flea digest — August

ImageThe second booth inside August’s Treasure Island Flea Market immediately caught my eye. This “yard art” version of The Virgin of Guadalupe transformed with whitewash and red glitter letters was irresistible!

So was the 1962 Shasta trailer parked behind Mother Mary, all red, turquoise and shiny in the sun:ImageThis is the home base/creative workspace of Debra Torres, owner of Vintage Farmhouse of Morgan Hill. Cute stuff, re-worked in her signature formula of turquoise paint. Contact her at

Vintage Farmhouse will also be at the Goat Hill Fair Sept 15-16 in Los Gatos.


See and a blog here on wordpress.

I haven’t been to this flea market yet, but the website looks great. I will plan to go that Sunday in September and check it out.

P.S. I love the graphics of Goat Hill’s advertising postcards– I seem to come home with a different one every month from some vendor at Alameda Vintage Flea. One image is the orange goat above. At TI, I got a postcard featuring this little guy:


My purchases this month at TI:

$10 glass owl pitcher (I know, I know, I didn’t need it– but he is gorgeous!)

$10 worth of Giants t-shirts so Mom and I can match and root for the home team at Labor Day’s game vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

$18 for a charm bracelet from The Sparrow’s Nest (see my testimonial about the poms workshop I blogged about in July, now posted on the TI site:

$28 for two jute peace tote bags from this crazy guy. He has Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table and other high-quality kitchen linens and aprons I’ve purchased before. This month he gave me his catalog and email: Gourmet Classics by KAFGroup,


I also bought a baby something (a work colleague is having her THIRD daughter, and we’re showering her this week) from my almost-a-friend/ merchant Tama, who I say hi to every month at Alameda. She does the Rose Bowl Flea and the TI flea regularly, always with great ideas for garlands, jewelry, painted signs, metal hearts and general cool stuff repurposed from vintage junk. Told Tama I’d see her next Sunday in Alameda with my mom. Tama will be in booth J-28 there. I can’t elaborate on what I bought from Tama until after the baby shower, okay? 🙂

Continuing to mentally decorate for the shower, I resisted, and decided to go back for, a set of ’60s baby stacking blocks (priced $14) that had an adorable owl on one of the cubes’ faces. Of course by the time I got back to the booth with my mind made up to buy, someone had snatched them, teaching me (again) the lesson if you snooze, you lose. Oh well. It’s a sign I didn’t need it for our baby shower or my owl collection.

Other highlights at TI Flea:


I’m going to try to make a banner like this today for the shower. Love everything in this lady’s booth, lots of burlap, silver, linen, french shabby chic.


Admired these stacked cots, thought they’d be fabulous in a mudroom or a large closet to hold linens and folded quilts, or at the foot of the bed to keep up off the floor all those lovely decorative pillows that you can’t possibly sleep with.


I like this guy’s carts so much I bought a black one back on July 1. I’m convinced this is what my dad and uncle should be doing in retirement, assembling a scrap wheel, leftover 2×4 bits, and cheap crates/baskets/trays as the topper. Such cute yard art, or as a bar cart, or even in a nursery, although its not safe enough to hold baby. Mine is in the kitchen, holding my recyclables.

This month he had new garden planters, made from metal bowls bolted to old hand-trucks/dollys. Can you see the red and white one on the right, next to a potting table accessorized with a doorknob? Image

Well, just like the gigantic TI Woman sculpture, I was reveling in my trip to the reasure Island flea market again this month:


Even if you can’t find a thing to buy, the view from TI is always amazing, especially this weekend with the extra bay traffic surrounding America’s Cup. Lots of spectator sailboats in the Bay. I wondered how close they were allowed to get? I couldn’t see any of the actual competitive catamarans, but did witness the parade of white sails as the races ended and everyone headed home: Image

This is taken from San Francisco’s Embarcadero, with Treasure Island across the water in the background. I was headed into the city to a paleo cooking class at GrassFedGirl’s studio on Polk Street.

Ahoy, mates!

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