Reese Witherspoon’s Southern Pacific Style

Reese Witherspoon and I are so alike, we should be friends. She and I grew up in the same time and place, Nashville in the 1980s and 90s, and so we have similar tastes and values, I think. Personal style, like personality, is a blend of nurture and nature, no?

So I’ve followed her career with curiosity, looking for clues that she hasn’t cast off her Southerness for Southern California. Her classic hairstyle, for one, is proof that she hasn’t gone off the deep end and forgotten her roots (literally and figuratively!) So is her home, which thanks to this amazing post by Cote de Texas and Elle Decor magazine, we can examine closely:

In Reese’s house, the choice of equestrian paintings, mounted horns, leafy plants, wicker chairs (and a wicker dog–LOVE!) are all classic signs of a southerner at home. This Ojai ranch is southernpacificstyle, for sure.

Change the spanish mission architecture and those succulents for a colonial revival and more ivy, and this space could be right at home in Franklin, Tennessee. The interiors wouldn’t need to change one bit to change location.

And it doesn’t hurt the home’s general appeal that it’s been the recent refuge for my favorite Brit boy, R. Pattinson. As I looked at these photos, I imagined “Edward” loafing around, pining for Bella.

Stewart doesn’t deserve him, does she?!

Sure wish Reese would invite me to come down for a visit!

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