Just Jeeps

I have an old car. It’s a 1996 Jeep Cherokee with 210,000+ miles and it sounds as bad as it looks. I have a broken headlight, dents on the driver’s side, a rusting scratch on the passenger side, and a rattling muffler to boot. It is my old faithful, bought new for me before my sophomore year of college. I think my wheels are perfect for working and living near Oakland. My car is so rough, it’s practically ratchet. No one here has dared to break in it, knock on wood.

I love my jeep and can’t bear to think of driving anything else.

I love my jeep, that’s why I decorate it! I also like to entertain you while we’re in gridlock.

I’ve always felt that the car one drives correlates to the driver’s personality. In my case, the jeep better portrays the person I aspire to be. The jeep is ready for adventure, can handle anything, its proven that it can take a licking and keep on ticking. Me, I’m a little more cautious and fragile than my ride. My jeep gives me a bit of confidence, a rugged shell for my soft interior. And so many memories we’ve made and cool places we’ve explored together!

If Chrysler would make Jeep Cherokees again I’d be ready to trade my baby in for a new model. But what I really want is a vintage jeep, a woody. The ultimate prepster ride, apropos for both town and country, the rough and ready casual elegance of a jeep like this:

I’ve seen quite a few old woodies around California, all sitting in repair shops.

This gorgeous red one is sitting just around the corner in Alameda. Been there at least eleven months. Sigh.

Today I was reading a Nashville blog I follow, StyleBlueprint, and each week they cover a woman doing great things around town. Today’s post is actually about a pair of women, the entrepreneurs behind OMG (OldMadeGood) on McGavock Road on the east side. http://www.styleblueprint.com/faces-of-nashville/faces-nashville-kate-mills-ashley/?cid=7326&utm_source=StyleBlueprint+Nashville&utm_campaign=ee32fdd8e8-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email

Wish I’d heard about them a week ago so I could have paid them a visit while I was home. They’re flea market shoppers extraordinare, jewelry-makers, decorators, style gurus. And what sealed the deal for me, how I knew  I needed to like these gals on facebook and learn more about them was… they drive a 1990 Jeep Woody. Look at this precious picture:

Yep, I covet their car. It’s perfection.

My jeep will not return to Tennessee. It just isn’t tough enough anymore. It was towed out to California in the Big Move and will wheeze it’s last breath here in the foggy, temperate pacific air. Maybe, God willing, it will live long enough to be considered vintage. Maybe years from now it will be sitting on the lot of a California auto repair shop, waiting to be loved by a girl like me.

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