Murals and the Big Move

More mural love for San Francisco… this photo was taken on Day Three of my life as a Bay Area resident, in September 2010. I’m on the right.

This is a Works Progress Administration project, inside Coit Tower, erected in 1933. I love the subject matter: California farmers with the bounty of their harvest, ORANGES! While the University of Tennessee is known as the Big Orange, we do not grow oranges in TN, so this is very California to me!

The gorgeous lady on the left is my BFF and the closest thing I have to a sister, CTW. We’re both Nashvillians, making our way in the Bay. We’ve been friends since the age of three, and our fathers are best friends too.

I could make the Big Move west, 2200+miles from home, because CTW and her husband were here to help. CTW moved to San Fran in early 2006 after Hurricane Katrina derailed her plans to move to the Big Easy.

I had cheap plane tickets to visit CTW when I applied for the job that ultimately brought me here. I was able to interview, accept the offer, and find an apartment in the same day thanks to CTW’s familiarity with Alameda.

She knew what I needed: I could get to my new office without getting on the interstate (true Californians refer to it as the freeway) and that there were abundant parking spaces (unlike CTW’s place in Russian Hill) on this little island I now call home. The icing on the Alameda cake were the TJ Maxx and Old Navy! Did you know I’ve worked for two Old Navys? It’s a good San Francisco-based company, spreading Pacific Coast style across the country. How I worked for Old Navy, well that’s a story for another day…

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