Mural, mural on the wall (mosaics, too)

ImageI have always loved murals and public art. I credit my parents for introducing me to the pure joy of bright colors and folk/untrained artist technique. Don’t you love the way this mural catches the eye, a surprise to delight us, details tucked in everywhere you look. It’s a feast for our senses among the brick, cement and asphalt of the street.

I am not an artist, no artistic bone in this body! But I like to think of myself as an art appreciator, with a creative touch.

My earliest memory of public art was contributing mosaic tiles to the decoration of the dragon in Nashville’s Fannie Mae Dees park, circa 1980. Somewhere, there’s a picture of me, age three, and my dad laying down tiles near the checkerboard on the amazing dragon’s back.

That dragon has witnessed thousands of birthday parties (I remember Elizabeth Randall’s party there, and my own pizza party around birthday 14–never too old to enjoy the swings!) and the lucky students at Eakin get to enjoy the dragon playground almost every day. It is a must-see when in Nashville, situated near the Vanderbilt campus, just ten minutes from where I grew up.


(Dragon Park pic from yelp, here’s a great lesson plan from the TN State Museum about artist Pedro Silva and the Dragon Park project:

I am happy to report that San Francisco has a LOT of murals to show off. Some sport persuasive/semi-political messages, and others celebrate their neighborhood. Today I wanted to show you these I found in The Mission. Of course the vivid colors are my favorite part, but I also love spotting the city’s landmarks tucked in around these figures. Kind of makes me feel like I know where I am and what’s what.

These pics are all of one long mural, the length of a city block. I tried to take the pictures with some overlap, in hopes of stitching them together with a photo-editing software. Any suggestions?

I loved the iris (the Tennessee state flower, right here in San Fran!) and I bet you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, the orginal mission church and other points of interest. I hope you enjoy!



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