Hi y’all… What’s it all about?

What makes our “postage stamp of native soil” (thank you, William Faulkner) distinctive? I’m all about studying and celebrating the influences and eccentricities of people and place.

My style is decidedly eclectic– I love provincial, vintage, folk, modern, traditional, Tudor, craftsman, international, gilded lily, you name it! My roots are certainly Southern-bred, and my current California adventures add a pacific flare.

And style evolves, yes? I’d call my taste Collected Cottage, which means I am always looking to add to my collections in my little cottage (read: in-law apartment of a 1912 island Victorian.)

SouthernPacificStyle is a collection of the things that inspire me. Í hope they’ll make you smile, and together we will continue to define, refine, and design our stamps of soil.

I love my life, that’s why I decorate it!

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